Josh McCown a big Mike Glennon fan

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback of the future might not have a bigger fan than the quarterback of the present.

Veteran Josh McCown has some lofty visions for Mike Glennon’s career.

“My hope is that one day Mike Glennon is a Hall of Famer,’’ McCown said Tuesday. “I’d take great pride in saying you had a small part in that. He has everything out in front of him.’’

NFL history is full of quarterback controversies, but there clearly isn’t one in Tampa Bay. McCown, who has been a backup most of his career, is the starter – for now and he knows his role. During the draft, coach Lovie Smith emphatically stated that Glennon, who started 13 games as a rookie last season, is the quarterback of the future.

“Whenever that time is, that time is,’’ McCown said. “He pushes me and I’m just trying to bring him along and make him better. I think that’s good for the Bucs, that’s good for our team. Whenever you have two guys working together and pushing each other and both parties just wanting the best for the team, I think that’s when you can catch something special. That’s the hope for Mike and I. I think he’s got a real, real bright future. I think he’s super talented. He’s a hard worker. He’s really sharp and he’s going to have a great career.’’

This is a healthy situation, largely due to the two personalities involved. McCown is unselfish and Glennon possesses a strong competitive drive. The two get along well and McCown said he sees some special ability in Glennon.

“I just like his skill set,’’ McCown said. “He throws the ball well. His arm strength is obviously well above average. He can really spin it. He’s a hard worker. He loves football and you have to have that at that position and he’s intelligent. It’s just a matter of time for him.’’

When that time comes, it won’t necessarily be a good thing for McCown, but that’s fine with him. McCown said Glennon showed some strong intangibles when he took over for Josh Freeman last year.

“He was able to find some successful moments in a tough situation last year,’’ McCown said. “Those things, you can’t coach. You kind of guide yourself through that and deal with a tough situation. I think all that combined bodes very well for Mike and the career he’s going to have.’’