GM Jason Licht has power

Looking back at Tampa Bay’s 2014 draft class, there’s a theme that goes beyond the obvious fact the Buccaneers drafted all offensive players.

That alone suggests that general manager Jason Licht has plenty of clout in personnel matters. There was speculation that Licht would be just a figurehead when it first was reported that coach Lovie Smith had a clause in his contract that gave him final say over the team’s roster.

Smith has that power. But what happened in the draft suggests that Smith isn’t letting that power go to his head. Although Smith is a defensive coach, he was bright enough to realize that offense was this team’s weakness and reinforcements needed to be brought in.

Smith also is bright enough to realize that he and Licht need to be on the same page and work together. There needs to be a system of checks and balances in order to succeed. It doesn’t hurt to have different perspectives.

As long as the person with final say is willing to listen to others, it’s a healthy situation. That appears to be the case with Smith and Licht.

Smith has the final say, but it’s become pretty obvious Licht has some power.