Bucs' Johnthan Banks 'a perfect fit'

As a rookie, Buccaneers cornerback Johnthan Banks got plenty of attention from opposing offenses and Tampa Bay fans.

Banks, a second-round draft pick last year, drew attention for all the wrong reasons. He frequently struggled in coverage and that led to lots of targets by offenses and criticism from fans.

But Banks is getting a fresh start with coach Lovie Smith importing the Tampa 2 defense. Banks should be in position to succeed much more often than he did a year ago.

"Banks is a great fit for our scheme," Smith said. "I was talking with Johnthan a little bit. We're not the only wide receiving group in the division that's gotten taller, there are others that have done the same thing. We're going to need a couple of 6-feet corners now, at least six-plus corners, of course that's Johnthan and I like what he did last year as a young player playing. Coachable guy, who has talent, I'm excited about coaching him.”

Smith should be excited. Banks has the size to match up with large wide receivers. He also has some raw talent that wasn't always seen before. In the Tampa 2, Banks will be allowed to be more aggressive because he'll have help from the safeties.