Countdown to camp: Quarterbacks

We conclude our pre-camp position-by-position analysis for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the quarterbacks.

There is a perception in some corners that there is a competition between Josh McCown and Mike Glennon and whoever has the better preseason will emerge as the starter. That is not really the case.

The fact is McCown will open the season as the starter. Coach Lovie Smith has history with McCown and named him the starter as soon as he was signed. The Bucs are paying McCown starter money and they have worked hard to give him a receiving corps that is similar in stature to what he worked with in Chicago last season. An injury is the only thing that will prevent McCown from being the starting quarterback on opening day.

How long McCown remains the starter is a good question. It will depend on how he’s playing and if the team is winning. But McCown isn’t on a short leash.

That is because the Bucs view Glennon as a project. Smith has called Glennon the quarterback of the future, and he did some good things under difficult circumstances last season. The Bucs would not have gone out and signed McCown if they believed Glennon was ready to be the starter.

The Bucs are likely to carry only McCown and Glennon on the 53-man roster. They can carry a third quarterback on the practice squad.