Josh McCown ready for preseason opener

Every year you hear fans complaining about preseason games. Starters don’t play much and there is not a lot of action.

That is especially true in the first preseason game, when starters generally play only a quarter. But there is at least one guy that likes the opening of the preseason. That is Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown.

"I love the first preseason game," McCown said. "It’s the coolest thing. I was just thinking about it because we just finished up with the two-minute drill and I looked across the board and there’s four rookies in the huddle at the skill positions. It’s cool for them. I always tell them to cherish it, because you dream about this when you’re growing up and you’re going to put on an NFL uniform and you’re going to play under the lights. You don’t ever know how long it’s going to last. It might last one year, five years, 10 years, you don’t know. Just enjoy it. It’ll be special. It’ll be fun to watch all those guys play."

The game also will be McCown’s debut as a member of the Bucs. The result doesn’t count, but McCown says he has some things he wants to accomplish in this game.

"It’s a whole new situation for everybody," McCown said. "A new system, new players and all that. The thing is just going out and executing and being clean with things procedurally. You want to break the huddle and do the things that you normally do in a game and feel like the communication is clean and all that."

McCown said camp has gone smoothly, but he’s ready to face a real opponent.

"When you practice as much as we do against the defense in training camp, there’s a give and take and a back and forth," McCown said. "They’ve seen so many plays so many times and you’ve seen their defense so many times that there’s kind of this Jedi mind game that starts going on. It’ll be fun to just line up against a different opponent and playing the defense that you see and not trying to out-think yourself when you’re playing against somebody that sees you every day."