Lovie Smith wants up-tempo offense

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed a new wrinkle in coordinator Jeff Tedford’s offense in Saturday night’s preseason game against Miami.

At times, the Bucs resorted to the no-huddle offense and it wasn’t just in two-minute situations. Get used to it because it sure sounds like the Bucs plan to go no-huddle a fair amount of the time. Coach Lovie Smith said Sunday that he believes going without a huddle at times can be an advantage for the offense.

“Looking at it from the other side, most defenses in general would like to huddle up and make sure you’re all on the same page,’’ Smith said. “You can’t do that [against the no-huddle]. I think you gas the linemen a little bit. You can’t substitute as much. As a general rule, most of the time you force defenses to be more basic with what they do. All of those things kind of contribute a little bit to what we want to do. It’s a little bit like in basketball, do you want a slow-down approach or do you want an up-tempo running up and down. We want to be a fast team, period, in all phases and this kind of leads to that, too.’’

More teams have been using up-tempo offenses in recent years. Detractors say the no-huddle sometimes forces a team’s defense to be on the field too much. But Smith doesn’t buy that argument.

“I’ve never really bought into if you’re going fast and you score fast the defense has to go back out there,’’ Smith said. “It’s defense and it’s offense. I look at it as a team. If we do that, the defense’s job is to go out there and get the ball back quicker so we can get another chance to up-tempo or whatever we decide to do. That’s how Buc ball is played.’’