Trade best option for Josh Freeman, Bucs

TAMPA, Fla. -- In an exclusive interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson, benched Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman said a trade is “going to be probably the best option’’.

Really, a trade is the only option. It would be best for the Buccaneers and best for Freeman. And, the sooner it comes, the better.

When the Bucs made the decision to go with rookie Mike Glennon as their starter this week, it essentially ended Freeman’s time in Tampa Bay.

Sticking around for the remainder of the season isn’t what’s best for Freeman. He needs a fresh start, and it’s not in the Bucs’ best interest to have Freeman around much longer.

His presence is a reminder of what could have been. Freeman is a popular figure with some of his teammates and, if Glennon struggles, there could be a divide among players. Freeman’s not the kind of guy that would start trouble, but his lingering presence isn’t healthy for the Bucs.

They might have to wait a week or two until an injury or ineffective play makes another team desperate to give up a decent draft pick for Freeman. But, as soon as the Bucs get anything close to a reasonable offer for Freeman, they should take it.