Teammates stick up for Josh Freeman

TAMPA, Fla. -- Josh Freeman has been the center of plenty of negative attention in recent weeks, but two of his teammates went to bat for the benched Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Wednesday.

Let's start with the man who has taken Freeman's place in the starting lineup. That's rookie Mike Glennon.

"Josh has been great," Glennon said. "He's been so supportive. He's been nothing but a great teammate to me and I really respect him for that. I can't say what he's going through, but I imagine it's a tough time because it would be for me. He's been a great teammate, always been there for me. His attitude toward me has not changed."

Glennon said Freeman had advice for him after Sunday's 13-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

"He just said after the game that it's a long journey," Glennon said. "This is one game, for a whole career, just learn from it and keep your head up."

Glennon wasn't the only one sticking up for Freeman. Left tackle Donald Penn took a different tact and had harsh words for the media.

"You all are trying to find every way to tarnish his character and trying to make it seem like he's not a good guy, like he’s not a good person, like this is all his fault," Penn said. "That's you all reporting the stuff. ... Why are you guys still talking about it?"

I understand Penn's point and the Freeman situation has dragged on. But it's going to continue to drag until the Bucs and Freeman come to some sort of resolution.