Bucs seeing growth from Mike Glennon

TAMPA, Fla. -- It is very early in the process, but Tampa Bay rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has made nothing but a positive impression on coach Greg Schiano.

Forced into the lineup after Josh Freeman, who was clashing with Schiano and struggling, was benched, Glennon has just one start under his belt. But Schiano said he’s seen growth from Glennon since that start.

“When are they ever really ready?’’ Schiano said Thursday. “There are guys that are well into their careers that aren’t quite ready. The thing that I think that’s been talked about is how mature he is, how hard he works, he’s got a very good football mind. Are there things that are going to fool him? Sure. Are there mistakes that he’ll make early in his career that he won’t dare make later? Absolutely.

“But because of the kind of worker he is and how smart he is ... some football players are going to make the same mistakes over and over and over again. This guy will learn from his mistakes. That’s one thing that I’m really confident about."

Schiano also praised Glennon for his accuracy. Glennon completed 24 of 43 passes in his debut (a loss to Arizona).

“He’s a very accurate passer and he’s improved on just about everything through repetition,’’ Schiano said. “He’s improving and he should be. He’s a rookie who is now getting every rep. If you’re not making a real steep improvement right now then he’s not the right guy. Well, he is, so that’s good. How long can he continue at that rate, because pretty soon it’s going to lessen, that will be how good he’s going to be.’’

Freeman completed only 47.5 percent of his passes and the Bucs weren’t getting many big plays while he was playing. Schiano said Glennon’s accuracy should translate into more yards after the catch.

“I think when your receivers feel confident they’re going to catch the ball and be on the move and not have to reach back or reach up, it takes a while for them to really believe that,’’ Schiano said. “Once they believe that, now they catch the ball aggressively running through it and they go and that’s when you get yards after the catch. When people start to settle to catch the ball just by habit, you lose the yards after catch. I see that happening slowly. Our guys are getting more and more confident. We just have to keep throwing it that way. As long as you do that, the confidence will continue to grow."