Why the Bucs played CB, WR at RB

TAMPA, Fla. -- If you’re wondering why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were using a defensive back and a wide receiver at running back in Thursday night’s preseason finale, let’s allow coach Greg Schiano to explain.

"Mike James got an eye injury; he left the game," Schiano said. "Then Peyton Hillis twisted an ankle. So now we have no running backs."

Starter Doug Martin and top backup Brian Leonard were given the night off, so the Bucs were in a jam. The Bucs turned to cornerback Mason Robinson and receiver Jordan Norwood, who was acquired this week, as running backs late in the game.

“Norwood was actually a little bit of an ad-lib," Schiano said. "I’d like to tell you we had two emergency running backs; we didn’t. But Norwood, we know, is a good athlete, and he did a good job. They both hopped in there and contributed. Mason was going both ways because (cornerback Rashaan) Melvin tweaked a hamstring a little bit."

Norwood carried seven times for 26 yards. Robinson had nine carries for 12 yards.