Checking in on the salary cap

The recent news that the 2014 salary cap will be slightly higher than expected is nothing but a positive for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The cap will be $130 million and that means the Buccaneers are in good shape. They currently have 60 players under contract and the top 51 cap figures (which are all that count in the offseason) come to $114.2 million.

That means the Bucs have a good chunk of cap room to work with and they can use free agency to narrow their needs before the draft. But the Bucs could end up having even more room than they currently do. They could extend the contract of defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and lower his cap figure ($15.6 million) for this year.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, the Bucs could decide to part ways with some high-priced veterans, such as offensive linemen Donald Penn and Davin Joseph. Another name to keep an eye on is punter Michael Koenen. He’s dependable, but he has a $3.25 million cap figure, which is high for a punter.