Checking on Titans with expiring contracts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- When a team has a 2-14 or 3-13 season, there is no sentimentality about breaking things up.

The Tennessee Titans' roster will soon undergo a huge revamp.

Sixteen Titans who have had a significant role this season could be walking into the team’s headquarters for their last work week as the Titans prepare to host the Colts.

Those 16 are among the players with contracts that will expire when the new league year opens on March 10.

Let’s run through that list:

Outside linebacker Derrick Morgan -- Coming off his best game of the season, he has worked hard at transitioning into the 3-4. He will have some options in free agency, and some of them would take him back to work as a 4-3 end. He could be a good, long-term player for the Titans if they upgraded around him.

Left tackle Michael Roos -- He played five games before suffering a knee injury that ended his season. If he heals up well, he’ll have a few good years left. But the Titans are set at his spot now with Taylor Lewan, and Roos should find a left tackle job even if the Titans wanted to re-sign him and play him on the right, which isn’t the right spot for him.

Receiver Nate Washington -- A rare bird in that he signed a six-year free-agent contract and has played it out. He has been solid, and is one of only a few legitimate leaders in the locker room. But he’s 31 and slowing.

Quarterback Jake Locker -- Once it became clear he wasn’t Ken Whisenhunt’s guy, his future was sealed. He can’t stay healthy or produce consistently. He’s gone.

Running back/returner Leon Washington -- Whisenhunt loves him and Washington conducts himself like a pro. But they need to be younger and have more upside at returner, and with a third-down back.

Defensive lineman Karl Klug -- A quality role player who can create pressure in the right situations.

Fullback Jackie Battle –- They hardly use a fullback, but he is a solid special teams player and can take handoffs in a pinch.

Center Chris Spencer –- He is hardly great, but it would probably be hard to do much better at backup center.

Outside linebacker Quentin Groves -– Decent depth and good on special teams. Not someone they have to have, but wouldn’t be bad to keep. Seems to be a favorite of Whisenhunt and defensive coordinator Ray Horton.

Receiver Derek Hagan –- He has been better than I expected when called into action. But the fourth and fifth receivers should be guys with more upside and speed.

Safety George Wilson -– A great pro and a great locker room guy, but he has been part of the run-defense problem.

Defensive back Brandon Harris -– He has played better than I expected when he’s been on the field, and can play safety as well as cornerback. They have spent a season teaching him the system, and he could be a fine backup.

Kicker Ryan Succop –- He’s been fine overall.

Punter Brett Kern -– He’s not as consistent as he was early in his career, but is still pretty solid.

Offensive tackle Byron Stingily -– I’m not sure he could contend for starting right tackle, which should be open. Has he developed enough to be the team’s third tackle?

Offensive tackle Will Svitek -– If they can’t do better than him as their fourth offensive tackle, they aren’t looking hard enough.