Notes from Fitzpatrick's media session

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Facing the Nashville media for the first time as the Tennessee Titans starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick spoke confidently about his expectations and fired off some good one-liners.

Fitzpatrick is likely to start at least three games while Jake Locker rehabilitates a sprained right hip and sprained right knee suffered against the Jets. (Locker said he didn't feel the hits on the play were malicious.)

Asked about his mindset, Fitzpatrick said it was "Go and win this game."

A few notes out of his chat with us:

Familiarity: He feels familiar with Chiefs personnel from playing against them as a member of the Bills. He also knows cornerback Sean Smith from the AFC East, where he frequently saw him and the Dolphins.

"They've had the talent for a long time and now they're playing up to their potential," he said. "The scheme is of the Jets family with some of the stuff they do, a really, fast, physical defense. It really pops out at you on film."

Quick preparations: Fitzpatrick stayed on the field late with receivers and said it's more important that they know what he's thinking than he know what they are thinking.

"It's different, instead of a whole offseason I've got three days to kind of work with these guys and make sure we're on the same page and thinking alike on a lot of our stuff.

"There are going to be a lot of side conversations during practice and watching film."

With a completely different role now, he's going to be heard a lot more. He said he will be even more outspoken now in conversations with coordinator Dowell Loggains and with the receivers.

Interceptions: Fitzpatrick has thrown 81 interceptions in 74 career games. The Titans have not thrown an interception or given away a turnover this year.

"The whole no turnover thing is a lot pressure," he said with a grin. "The second team since the Super Bowl [era] to start four games without a turnover, that's a lot of pressure on a guy."

Fitzpatrick said he gets laughed at a lot in the meeting room when he mentions his history on certain types of plays.

"I'll bring something up and say, 'If you go there, just know I threw a pick on that exact play in 2010,'" he said. "There is a lot of stuff I think with interceptions you learn from. Some of them are just part of the game, they're going to happen. That's not my focus, ever."

His beard: He had a long, bushy bear in camp but shaved it down to regular size before the season starter.

Do grooming habits change with the job?

"I wish I didn't shave it now, to be honest," he said. "It's just making its way back. That's kind of that rough look, that's kind of my personality."

The goatee his backup, Rusty Smith, is wearing makes the young quarterback look like the Fighting Irish mascot, Fitzpatrick said.

His Harvard degree: He said his economics degree doesn't really do much for him as a football player, but his Harvard experience does.

Spending time at such a diverse place with so many different kinds of people helped him prepare for the different personalities he interacts with an NFL team.

His mobility: He remembers his 40 time at the combine as a 4.88 and said no one is designing runs for a quarterback with that speed.

"Usually I'm running out of fear," he said. "Those guys are big."