So who is Amy Adams Strunk?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Who is Amy Adams Strunk?

She's a daughter of the late Bud Adams, who was owner of the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans until he died in October 2012. She's one of five family members who hold a stake in the team now.

Strunk is the one they are now putting forward to represent them, and could ultimately be designated as the controlling owner.

Beyond that?

We don't really know.

Her sister, Susie Adams Smith, was the controlling owner and we didn't strive to learn enough about her, mostly because it was her husband, Tommy Smith, that the group named team president and CEO.

He worked for Bud Adams with the team in the past and he was known, at least a bit, by many with the team as well as some in the media.

There was certainly a curiosity about Susie Adams Smith, and the rest of the family. But it was clear they would remain in the background, with Tommy as the front man.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said at the owners meetings in Phoenix on Wednesday that, “We want to ensure that the team is under the proper ownership structure, as well as making sure it is being represented properly not only in Nashville and the Tennessee market, but also at the league level.”

As ownership is sorted out, Titans fans deserve to know who is asking them to buy tickets. Who is trying to sort out what looks to be a terrible mess?

Interim president and CEO Steve Underwood agreed that fans should know who the five people with ownership stakes are.

“People in Nashville do need to know them,” said Underwood, who will arrive in Nashville Friday to resume a job he retired from in 2011.

He said the team would offer bios of them all.

Someone I know who is familiar with the family and has provided accurate characterizations in the past said of Strunk: “Does not suffer fools gladly. Genuine. Not pretentious. Very competent and capable. Does not tolerate BS. The most like her dad without his eccentricities. Good head for business and her strength is what reminds me of her dad. Tough-minded. Fair. Can hold her own in a man's world. Commands respect, not to be trifled with. I think she's cool.”

Strunk is a director of Bud Adams' other big company, KSA Industries, as well as of Associated Commercial Properties in Houston. She is co-chairperson of Bud Adams Ranches, Inc. and a limited partner in Sakdril.

Strunk founded Kenada Foxhounds, a fox hunting organization, in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, in 1984.

“Amy Adams Strunk is the Annie Oakley of Texas: She can ride like the wind, and she's fearless,” said Lt. Col. Dennis Foster told The Chronicle of the Horse in 2009.

Strunk has three children who are in their 20s -- Tracy, Tommy and Blanche. Her husband, Bill Hunt, is a retired commercial airline pilot.