Sunday Titans mailbag: Marcus Mariota approach and secondary improvements

Paul Kuharsky: They added veteran Perrish Cox at corner, where he will compete with Blidi Wreh-Wilson for a starting spot and should be the nickel at worst. Cox was very good early last season in San Francisco but dropped off in the second half. Da'Norris Searcy should solidify strong safety, where the team had to turn to George Wilson, much more a free safety, after Bernard Pollard suffered a season-ending injury. The pass rush and scheme should be better with Dick LeBeau in the house. That will help those defensive backs. Paul Kuharsky: Way, way under. You really think it's possible for me to write Andrew Luck's name more than Marcus Mariota's? I am a huge fan of Luck. I think he's fantastic and sets the standard for young quarterbacks in the league. It's not a secret. I just said it again. (I also can't believe anyone would disagree with it.) But as you point out, Mariota is on the Titans and I cover the Titans. I just surfed the web and couldn't find anything recent where I wrote the words "Andrew Luck" at ESPN.com. Paul Kuharsky: I don't know that there is a holdup. Presumably they've spoken to the guys who haven't signed yet. Offset language that determines if Mariota will still get paid by the Titans if he's cut and gets a contract elsewhere is really the only thing they can debate. But there is zero difference between a guy being signed or unsigned until camp starts at the end of July. Paul Kuharsky: If he takes the same approach he took with Jake Locker, then absolutely Ken Whisenhunt will feel the heat more. Whisenhunt has said he will blend the Titans offense with things Mariota does well, and the team has aleady done work to reshape the playbook. If the play-calling falls back to what it was for Zach Mettenberger, that will be a big problem and we won't really bet getting a chance to see how Mariota can develop. They need to run their pro-style offense while splashing in elements of the college game that made Mariota so good. Whisenhnt has one terrible year on his resume in Tennessee. Mariota is starting fresh. There should be far more patience for the kid. Paul Kuharsky: Mayo. But I try to go mustard. Who eats Miracle Whip?