Another top defense in line for Titans

The Seahawks have the NFL’s sixth-ranked defense. The Titans’ opponent after that, the 49ers, are fifth.

Based on the NFL’s current defensive ratings, the Titans will get to their Week 8 bye having played six of the top 10 defenses in the NFL. (There are only nine to play as the Titans are in the group themselves, currently ninth.) Of Tennessee’s first seven opponents, only the San Diego Chargers don’t rate in the top third of the league defensively.

On "The Midday 180" on Nashville radio today, Greg Cosell of NFL Films talked with us about the Titans-Seahawks matchup.

"Tough matchup for Titans because of their offense," Cosell said. "They probably won't be able to run the ball."

That will leave things on Ryan Fitzpatrick. And with the backup quarterback so erratic and streaky, Cosell said the best thing the Titans can do to help him is run plays that get receivers open quickly and allow Fitzpatrick to deliver it promptly.