Missing Greene hurting in short yardage

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Shonn Greene hurt his knee in the season opener in Pittsburgh after just four carries.

The Tennessee Titans signed him to be a complementary running back working with Chris Johnson.

They’ve missed him.

And he didn’t practice on Wednesday, which indicates he may miss a fifth game when the Titans play in Seattle on Sunday. After he had a knee scope the team said he could be back in two weeks. They are still waiting and it's been twice that long.

“I think you saw in the preseason how we thought we’d use him, how well he ran,” Mike Munchak said per David Boclair of the Nashville Post. “I think that was what the excitement was -- seeing what he was doing, seeing how [he] and [Chris Johnson] were complementing each other.

“When we lost him in the opener after [four] carries, that hurt, no doubt about it, because of what we thought we were going to be able to do. When you lose a back like him, it’s different.”

The heart of the issue remains the offensive line's inability to block for the tough yard when the Titans need it, something they pledged they’d be able to do when they got three new starters at guard and center.

But Greene is supposed to be the guy to get that tough yard in a short-yardage situation.

Boclair looked at the short-yardage math so far, and it’s awful.

The Titans are 5-of-12 (41.7 percent) on converting third-and-1 situations and are 9-of-22 (40.9 percent) in third-and-3 or fewer. Greene was 10-for-10 on converting third-and-1 plays for the Jets in 2012.