Williams on his future, Titans' tackling, more

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Here are the topics of note from Tennessee Titans senior defensive assistant Greg Williams’ talk with the media Thursday afternoon. Williams went out of his way to compliment defensive coordinator Jerry Gray every chance he could:

On his future: With the Titans’ defense playing so well and showing such a dramatic improvement from a year ago, Williams is bound to draw the attention of teams in need of a defensive coordinator after the season ends.

He only signed up for one year in Tennessee, but providing the Titans stay on a good course and Mike Munchak is here, Williams will certainly have a chance to return. He likes the city and the team and has been a non-story in the background.

But he’s long been an ambitious guy, and I wondered if he has hopes of becoming a head coach again.

“I just love coaching, no matter what position," he said. "I love being a special teams coordinator, I love being a defensive coordinator, I love being a position coach. All those things, I really, in all honesty, take no time to think about those things. I really don’t. I love being a mentor, a leader of young men. That aspect of it. This is a good group to be around, and I get as much from them as they get from me.”

On the Titans’ tackling: Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch is a load and the Titans will be challenged to bring him down Sunday at CenturyLink Field. He victimized Williams' New Orleans defense with a big run in a playoff game.

“The way you have to tackle him is with as much population as possible,” Williams said. “He’s made a living out of making one person pay… He’s one of the best tackle-breaking backs in the National Football League…”

“We’ve been a very, very good tackling team. Each week we measure our tackling stats, our tackling abilities, our misses, and yards after contact and everything. And our guys last week (in the loss to Kansas City) had one of the best weeks of anywhere I’ve ever coaches. They really did well. When our guys make contact with you, they do a good job of finishing tackles.”

On quarterbacks on the sideline: Williams said he was sympathetic to middle linebacker Moise Fokou, who drew an unnecessary roughness flag for hitting Alex Smith on the side line of last week’s game.

He said Fokou deserves more credit for running 35 or 40 yards to make a play that resulted from someone else letting the quarterback escape the pocket.

“The guy’s within 2 yards of making a first down,” Williams said. “Now technique-wise, we’ll try to help the decision the next time, better technique. But Alex Smith was going for the first down. And the flash that he saw of Moise caused him to get out of bounds. Unfortunately, Moise launched before he came out of bounds.

"Those are things that we’ve got to do a better job of as a staff and of players of never hurting the team. We want to play aggressive, but you never want to hurt your team.”