RTC: What's up with Chris Johnson?

Reading the coverage of the Tennessee Titans…

Compare Chris Johnson’s first two seasons to his last three-plus and there is a dramatic difference. Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean has 10 theories on why CJ’s taken a downturn.

To which I say: No. 1 is an interesting line of thinking. The Titans don’t need Johnson the way they used to with a better passing game. It’s true, but being less CJ reliant should help create better situations for him when they do call on him.

Thursday’s injury report, from John Glennon of The Tennessean.

Wyatt’s three keys to the game and Glennon’s three key matchups.

A holding call on a 62-yard run the last time he was in Seattle cost Johnson a shot at the single-season rushing mark, says David Boclair of Nashville Post.