Delanie Walker on opponent fan noise at Nissan Stadium: 'It's ridiculous'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- From prime seats, as their beloved Bills and Dolphins completed recent wins at Nissan Stadium, fans of the visiting teams celebrated loudly.

“Do I care?” Titans tight end Delanie Walker said of opponent fans being so noisy at his home stadium. “Of course I care. That’s ridiculous. I try to be as nice as possible with that, but I can’t be, that’s just ridiculous, I’ve got to keep it real.”

The Titans don’t sell out and Nashville’s a great city for a weekend trip. So Buffalonians or South Floridians who’ve relocated to Nashville got to see their team visit Nashville while combining with those making a road trip.

The results weren't pretty, at least not to some Titans.

“I’ve been in the league for 10 seasons, and I never experienced that until I got to Tennessee,” Walker said. “Never seen it. If you do that in San Francisco stadium you’re getting stabbed, beat up. I’m not promoting violence. It just never would happen.

“It shouldn’t be a comfortable setting. You shouldn’t be able to yell ‘defense’ while our offense is on the field and it’s louder than ours when our defense is on the field. That’s unacceptable.”

Veteran cornerback Jason McCourty said he doesn’t care about opponents’ fans making noise in Nashville. It makes it feel like the Titans aren’t getting the job done, he said, and too often they haven’t been.

“We’ve got to give them something to cheer about,” McCourty said. “What are we in our stadium, 0-8 in our last eight?”

That’s the longest home losing streak in the NFL, dating back to Oct. 12, 2014, when the Titans beat the Jaguars 16-14 at what was LP Field.

When it comes to who's making noise for whom, left guard Byron Bell said he doesn't pay any attention.

“I can’t tell the fans who to be cheering for, I couldn’t care less," Bell said. "You can’t control that.”

Right guard Chance Warmack sides more with Walker on the issue. He said “it’s not a good feeling” to hear fans cheering for the other sideline.

It's not something Walker is willing to get used to.

“It bothers me,” he said. “No matter who’s here, they don’t have more fans than ours. And they’re louder than our fans. That’s unacceptable.

“They can be upset with me, I don’t care. At the end of the day, we shouldn’t have that. I don’t care what our record is. If we feel like y’all aren’t backing us, what’s the idea of going to the game?”