Delanie Walker on Vernon Davis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Delanie Walker spent seven seasons as a teammate of Vernon Davis with the San Francisco 49ers.

Walker came to the Tennessee Titans as a free agent largely because of the opportunity to rank higher in progressions. He was always going to be the second tight end to Davis with the 49ers. He’s the only Titans tight end with a catch in 2013.

I asked him for some insight on how the Titans might best cover Davis, who’s really functioning as San Francisco’s primary deep threat in the passing game with all the injuries they’ve suffered.

He’s averaging 18.4 yards per catch.

“You see he’ll motion out a lot, they try to get that one-on-one with a corner, but him in the slot and get one-on-one with safeties,” Walker said. “That’s what he’s good at, if he can get one-on-one with any guy, he’s a fast guy, and he makes great catches. I can see him doing that against us as well.”

What’s the best way for the Titans to try to cover him?

“He’d rather see a linebacker, but he’s fast enough to get on the edge and run a vertical on a DB,” Walker said, before delivering a laugh line. “I think George Wilson, he’s got a great holding technique. So we’ll try to see him go against Vernon.”