On not wanting to face someone you let go

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans are sifting through position numbers and deciding if a seventh linebacker is better than a sixth or seventh receiver, and if he’s better than a third quarterback.

It’s a complicated puzzle.

I wondered how much the idea of a guy getting claimed and being a successful player elsewhere, perhaps for a team yours faces, factors into the decision-making.

Mike Munchak offered this on that idea:

“It’s probably one of those last things. The first is what’s best for our team and all that. But yeah, I think it measures in, where a person could end up. If you’re going to trade someone or let someone go, there’s always the competitive thought, do we really want to see this guy on that team?”

“There are a lot of things that factor in. That’s not a big factor, but it definitely weighs into the thinking. When you are having some of these discussions, it’s definitely something that comes up.”

The Titans were in relatively good shape at running back in 2010 and thought they'd be able to get LeGarrette Blount onto their practice squad. They had Chris Johnson and Javon Ringer as well as fullback Ahmard Hall on the roster.

The Titans ultimately got crushed for letting Blount go and watching Tampa Bay claim him and get good production.

So as we ponder the 12 remaining cuts to come, I ask:

Would you be wary of facing Rusty Smith, or would you welcome the chance?