Under Terry Robiskie, any Kendall Wright freelance 'is done'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Boiled down, Kendall Wright said he felt freedom back when Chris Palmer and Dowell Loggains designed and ran the Tennessee Titans' offense, and restriction under Ken Whisenhunt.

Where will things come down now for Wright with Mike Mularkey as coach and Terry Robiskie as coordinator.

After a 24-21 loss to Oakland on Nov. 29, 2015, as the interim coach Mularkey expressed disappointment at three different mistakes made by Wright.

Now Robiskie says any freelancing Wright might have done in the past won’t be part of his future.

"That freelance, you must have given him that authority," Robiskie said to a question I phrased poorly.

Robiskie was told that Loggains had actually granted it.

"Well he don’t have any freelance. No. he won’t freelance. We’ve got a whole unit that we are trying to put together. We’ve got 11 guys that’s going to be in the field. We’ve got 11 guys that we say, 'Hey, this is your job, this is your responsibility.' I think Kendall is like everybody else, realizes those other 10 guys are counting on Kendall to be where he’s supposed to be and do what he’s supposed to do.

"So however you and Kendall got this thing going, you make sure Kendall get that he ain’t got no more free (reign), that freelance is done."

And how has Wright been doing under the new coaches?

"He’s been good, and he’s going to be good," Robiskie said.

Wright, who is entering his fifth season and has an expiring contract, wouldn't label his role last season as having freedom.

"I would say I was put in position on choice routes to make plays on linebackers and safeties," Wright told The Tennessean. "I wouldn’t call it freedom. I don’t really know a coach who will go out there and say, ‘Kendall, just get open.’

"It was choice, option routes. I don’t know where freedom came from. I’m sure somebody made that up, took it and ran with it. They was making it sound like whoever the quarterback was was coming and just saying `Kendall, you go do whatever you want and I’ll find you.’ I do what I’m told. I run the route I’m told.”