Titans like Derrick Henry in four-minute situations but haven't had many opportunities

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Mike Mularkey revealed a bit about the Titans’ strategy with Derrick Henry following their win in Chicago.

When Henry got more carries than usual, Mularkey was asked why.

“That’s kind of been our plan all year, we get into a four-minute [situation], and we run Derrick,” Mularkey said. “A little fresher. Some of the things we were running, he runs well.”

But of Henry’s eight carries for 60 yards in Sunday's win over the Bears, just two for eight yards came in 4:00 situations.

In those scenarios at the end of the first half and the game, offenses look to convert first downs and maintain possession, and above all else, making sure the other team doesn’t get the ball back.

But the situation hasn’t presented itself too many times.

“There's been some that we haven't been able to get to that segment like we would like to,” Mularkey said. “Obviously, you'd like to be in that every game, but we haven't had that ability. Again, I'm thinking back recently, we've had to come back from games instead of keep a lead.”

It’s difficult to break out situations where the Titans had a lead.

But overall, in the final 4:00 of a half with the Titans ahead, Henry has nine carries for 28 yards. That’s only 12.8 percent of his carries and 8.9 percent of his yards.

And the Titans bell cow back, DeMarco Murray, has had more work in the 4:00 situations Mularkey is saying can be earmarked for Henry.

He has 10 carries for 38 in the same situations.