The pick is in: We think Titans will be third

The consensus pick of five of us considering the Tennessee Titans: Third place in the AFC South.

Here's ESPN.com's Titans preview, including my intelligence report. And some notes from ESPN Stats & Info.

The problem, if course, is that collectively, unanimously, we pick the division to finish in the same order it did last year: Texans first, Colts second, Titans third, Jaguars fourth.

It could happen of course. But it's not real common for one year to be a carbon copy of the last. The biggest potential change to me is the Titans getting to second and the Colts falling to third.

I don't see it happening, however, because I can't see Jake Locker leading a team to more success than Andrew Luck does, and I lack faith in the degree of improvement the Titans will make on defense.