Promotion for GM Jon Robinson makes him second-highest-ranking Titans employee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- By elevating Jon Robinson to executive vice president, Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk made the general manager’s place in the organization clear.

Beyond Strunk and the four other members of the Adams family involved in ownership, and after team president and CEO Steve Underwood, Robinson is the most powerful person in the franchise.

We knew that, really, without the title.

“This is an acknowledgement of his work and it puts him on equal footing with others in the league who direct football operations," Strunk said in the announcement.

Robinson was hired as GM on Jan. 14, 2016, and given control of the football operation. He got a longer contract, through the draft in 2019, than Titans coach Mike Mularkey (through 2018) when the duo was brought aboard.

The organization only has three other VPs: Jenneen Kaufman is senior vice president and CFO, Stuart Spears is senior vice president and chief revenue officer and Bob Flynn is vice president of facilities and game day operations.

Robinson visited with my Nashville radio show, The Midday 180, Thursday afternoon before the news of the promotion was announced.

He discussed the consistent approach the Titans locker room took while improving by six wins this season over last, how much he’s looked at college prospects so far and the better timetable this January with him and the front office in place.

The full statements from the team’s news release:

Strunk: “Jon has done great work since his arrival to our organization and this is a way to recognize that fact. His leadership and football acumen helped change our culture and improve our team. He and Mike [Mularkey] deserve a great deal of credit for our turnaround this year and I am hopeful that will continue this coming year and into the future. This is an acknowledgement of his work and it puts him on equal footing with others in the league who direct football operations.”

Robinson: “Amy called me today to talk about this promotion and I was truly humbled and grateful. This organization means the world to me and I am working on a daily basis to make it better. I don’t stand alone in this task of improving our team -- from ownership, Mike and the coaches, the players who have bought in to our program, scouts and staff. We all have worked together to create a family and hopefully a culture of long-term success.”