The Titans and the playoffs

The 4-4 record has the feel of treading water. In many ways it makes the first half of the Tennessee Titans’ season a wash.

But a playoff push is a practical matter and the context is provided by the competition.

The Titans are two games off of Indianapolis’ 6-2 AFC South lead and still have two games coming against the Colts.

The division isn’t completely out of reach.

More likely, they’ll be jostling for the final wild-card slot, as the Broncos or Chiefs are running away with the first one.

Right now that second spot would go to the 5-4 Jets.

New York has been remarkably up and down week to week. They got destroyed in Cincinnati, then pulled an upset of New Orleans.

The other four-win teams in the AFC are: Miami (4-4), San Diego (4-4) and Cleveland (4-5). Standings here.

The Titans have wins over the Jets and Chargers that could be crucial in tie-breaking scenarios.

Tennessee has flaws in that it is inconsistent and unpredictable.

But if you look at the Jets, Dolphins, Chargers, Browns and Titans, Tennessee may well be the best of the lot.

Through eight more games, the Titans will have to prove it.