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How good is the Titans' secondary?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- This weekly mailbag will address a Tennessee Titans question that is stewing among the fan base. The Titans' young secondary is Saturday's topic of choice.

Toby, the Titans' secondary is still the team's most vulnerable position group. The positive is that although the stats don't show it, this unit has shown fight and hasn't played poorly enough to lose the team a game so far.

We're still maybe a year or two away from calling this unit a strength, but the talent and youth at the position should mean that it will continue to improve.

"We're churning the right direction," Ryan said. "We gotta stay tight. I've been in the league long enough to know that there's going to be ups and downs. We've got to have each other's backs."

Giving up 373 passing yards to Russell Wilson in their 33-27 win over the Seahawks appears alarming, but some tape review showed they played decent for the first three quarters before being torched in the fourth quarter. Part of that had to do with Tennessee holding on to a double-digit lead, but it's nothing that can be brushed under the rug.

Finishing will always be a key in the NFL where games never truly are over until the final whistle blows.

The Titans' 2016 pass defense finished 30th, giving up 269 yards per game. So far the 2017 Titans are 26th, giving up 275 yards per game. It doesn't appear much has changed, but this is a circumstance of stats not showing the full story.

All of the defensive backs have been strong in run defense, forcing each of their last three opponents to struggle and become one-dimensional. Tennessee is allowing just 92.3 rushing yards per game on a 3.6-yards-per-carry average.

Teams, including the Houston Texans on Sunday, will target the Titans' secondary as the best way to pull off a win. Containing big plays and forcing long drives, something Tennessee has done in stints this season, will help them in the long run as they lean on their powerful offense.

So the secondary is not a strength, but it's not as much of a debilitating weakness as the stats may show.

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