The injury-prone question and Jake Locker

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The public debate about whether Jake Locker is injury-prone is in full swing.

An in-house debate about it should be saved until the offseason, Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak said shortly after making it official that a Lisfranc injury means Locker is finished for the season.

“That’s stuff we’ll talk about when the season is over and we have to start making the next decisions on the next season,” Munchak said. “Right now it’s just a matter of we don’t have him for this season so we’ve just got to figure out what we do about that and how we go forward here. That’s a nice February discussion as far as the health of him and other players.”

Locker at his best has looked like a winning NFL quarterback. He showed a nice growth curve in the team’s first four games this season, not turning the ball over before he suffered a sprained right hip and knee against the Jets. He missed two games, and has not played well in the three since his return.

But the injuries have forced the team to hit the pause button a third time in two years, and it’s hard for a team to grow around a guy who’s missing.

In Locker’s first four games this year, he threw six touchdowns and no interceptions, posting a 109.8 passer rating. The Titans were 3-1.

In his work since returning from the injuries, he threw two touchdowns, four interceptions and posted a 78.9 passer rating. The Titans were 1-2.

Munchak said Locker was not yet 100 percent but was closing in on it.

And then the foot injury arrived.

Locker can do nothing now to answer questions about if he’s the answer and whether he can stay healthy, except wait for his next chance. If he’s still the Titans starter in 2014, that’ll come in roughly 10 months.