Munchak: Titans aim to 'create punishment'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Physicality remains Mike Munchak’s primary theme.

We interviewed the Tennessee Titans coach on The Midday 180 in Nashville Tuesday afternoon, and to a question about what’s changed, he circled back to his team’s more physical nature.

“Our football team is so much more physical than we’ve been and I really think when I’ve had success and a player and when I’ve has success as a coach, that’s what stood out to me,” Munchak said. “We had those kind of players, who enjoy what they do and can do the things physically that I think we can do now.”

He’d already discussed the offensive line, and excitedly turned to the quality blocking receivers are also offering.

While the Titans are looking to be more physical and are counting on a big improvement from the run game, part of the gains in that department will come from the mobility they can mix with power.

The Titans haven’t pulled and trapped the way they'd like in recent years. New left guard Andy Levitre is an expert at such things and rookie right guard Chance Warmack seems to excel on the move. Chris Johnson has an affinity for such plays.

“Those gap schemes where the ball can hit almost anywhere, he starts with a particular read but then he can pretty much take what the defense gives him," Munchak said. “...If they over pursue it or they have you outnumbered outside, it’s a play that creates lanes inside also. It’s runs we’ve run before, but when you have guys like Chance and Levitre that can make a difference on the edge and get the kind of push our tackles get, we think those plays have opened up in preseason and that just adds to your zone game that obviously we feature also.

“We’re just more physical, we have bigger guys that get more movement, we’re going to try to beat teams down. When you get into some of those formations and you’ve got the safeties coming up and the corners having to make the tackles at the line of scrimmage, they’re taking a pounding early in the game. Our goal is to wear them out. And when they have to go out and when they have to go out there and cover Kenny Britt and Nate (Washington) it gets a little bit harder as the game wears on. We’re hoping we have that kind of team that can create that kind of punishment.”

Hear the entire interview here.