On Skelton, Wiggles and Walter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Thoughts on three things that came out of Tennessee Titans' headquarters on Tuesday:

1) John Skelton is the No. 3 quarterback -- Mike Munchak said the Titans will only have two quarterbacks active on Sunday in Oakland and they will be Ryan Fitzpatrick and Rusty Smith. Skelton said it's his job to get up to speed as soon as he can. Maybe he's just insurance if anything happens to one of the guys ahead of him. Maybe it's revisited once he's up to speed. Munchak made it sound like it's the former, not the latter. "He’s very comfortable with what we’re doing, we’re very comfortable with him, so he’d be the guy second," he said of Smith.

2) Wiggles remains the returner -- The Titans have shown a willingness to make changes this year. They pulled center Rob Turner out of the lineup, minimized Kenny Britt and cut Darius Reynaud. But one bad mistake didn't warrant a demotion or loss of roster spot for Devon Wylie. The return man ran into teammates Craig Stevens and fumbled a kickoff return that crushed the Titans as they blew a big lead to the Colts. Wylie told Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean that the fumble was "kind of a fluky thing." It seems like a bad word choice to me. He was careless. And if he makes another mistake like that after Munchak shows this faith in him, it will be killer.

3) Receiver Kevin Walter won't play this season -- Today was the last day the team could activate him from PUP to open a three-week practice window. He's not ready and they saw no hope of him being in position to join the roster in three weeks. The Titans signed him for $1 million for 2013 as they looked to shore up their receiver depth but he needed offseason back surgery. Even with Britt's slide, they haven't been in position to really need or miss Walter.