Where the Titans stand in key categories

Let’s run through where the Titans stand in key categories through 11 games and 12 weeks.

Overall offensive and defensive rankings and rushing and passing rankings are based on yardage, and yardage isn’t the most important thing.

Points are the most important thing, and third down is quite important, too.

The final rankings from 2012 are included for comparison:

A four-spot jump in overall offense is big and arrives thanks to a 426-yard day in Oakland. The Titans had a very good game on third down on both offense and defense, and continue to rank very well in those categories. Only one other team in the NFL ranks in the top 10 on third down in both offense and defense. Carolina is second on offense, tied for fourth on defense and has a seven-game winning streak and an 8-3 record, three games better than the Titans.