Where the Titans stand in key categories

Let’s run through where the Tennessee Titans stand in key categories through 12 games and 13 weeks.

Overall offensive and defensive rankings and rushing and passing rankings are based on yardage, and yardage isn’t the most important thing.

Points are the most important thing, and third down is quite important, too.

The final rankings from 2012 are included for comparison:

The Titans have made great strides in scoring defense from 2012, when they gave up the most points in the league and set a franchise record. Last year the offense had to overcome an average of 29.4 points by opponents. This year they only have to overcome 22.3. Trouble is the scoring offense, which is producing 22 points a game.

So they are allowing just over a touchdown less a game, which is a huge improvement. But they are offsetting it by averaging 22 points a game. That’s up just 1.375 points a game from last season.

And there you have the basics of why the Titans' improvement has taken them from blowouts to close losses, but not yet to a lot of wins.