Candid Jurrell Casey hopes for inside push

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Rare is an NFL player who will talk openly about the matchup for which he is preparing.

Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey is one of those guys. He's not worried about what the Arizona Cardinals interior offensive line thinks about what he has to say.

Casey was a demon two weeks ago in Indianapolis, causing Andrew Luck all sorts of issues. But in Denver, he was rendered largely invisible.

"If (Carson Palmer) is sitting back there, he's comfortable with guys going around his edges," Casey said. "He's a step-up type quarterback. If he's got room inside to step up, then he's very comfortable. So we've got to make sure we get pressure up the middle to make sure we get him off rhythm.

I asked him about how Arizona's interior line and he offered this scouring report of left guard Daryn Colledge, center Lyle Sendlein and right guard Paul Fanaika.

"They're a decent group of guys," Casey said. "On our right to their left, the guard (Colledge) is a little shaky when it comes to edge to edge but if he gets his hands on you he's real good. The center guy (Sendlein), he's good at helping guys out. And the left side (Fanaika) he's a shoot-his-hand type guy. So if you can get his hands off you, you can't pretty much win."

Line mates Kamerion Wimbley and Karl Klug were waiting for a card game with Casey to start up as he spoke, and looked at him quizzically for talking so candidly.

"Yeah, they think I give away all the tips," Casey said. "I'm a guy, you can know what I'm gong to do and I'm going to still beat you. That's the way it is."