Titans' finish has '14 schedule implications

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Should the Tennessee Titans fall a second time to the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend, they will be poised to finish third in the terrible AFC South.

There will certainly be shame in not being able to finish at least second among such a bad group and the Titans would be 0-5 in that group.

It would also have an impact on their 2014 schedule.

Next season, the two games connected to where the Titans finish will be against the teams that finish in the same spot in the AFC East (in Nashville) and the AFC West (away).

Through Week 15, the second-place Titans would host the second-place Miami Dolphins and travel to the second-place Kansas City Chiefs.

If they lose to Jacksonville, they'd share a 5-10 record but would lose the head-to-head tiebreaker to the Jaguars as a result of being swept.

That would produce, based on the current standings, a home game against the third-place Jets and a trip to third-place San Diego.

Things could change in the AFC West, where Kansas City could get to first place and bump Denver to second. Things could change in the AFC East. If the Dolphins lose their final two and the Jets win their final two (with the Week 17 game being head-to-head in Miami), they would flip spots based on a tiebreaker.

As of now, however, the Dolphins and Chiefs certainly look to be a lot tougher than the Jets and Chargers. The 2013 Titans have lost to Kansas City and beaten New York and San Diego.

We know, however, things can change dramatically from one year to the next.