What I think the Titans should be thinking

What I think they should be thinking in the headquarters of the Tennessee Titans this afternoon ...

For starters, practicing on Christmas stinks no matter what, but when you’re getting ready for a game with no meaning with regard to the playoffs, it stinks more. Still, too many people think nothing is at stake. My job may be at stake. My role may be at stake. My teammate's and coach's job or role may be at stake. Don’t tell me this game against Houston means nothing. Don’t tell me we’re better off losing for draft position. We’re better off playing well and winning because we’re a team, we don’t give up and we have self-respect. My self-respect means you’ll get every ounce of my effort until the final whistle, and then I’ll be disappointed it’s over, not happy the offseason has arrived. I like this team, I know it won’t be reassembled as is, and I’ll miss it even if it didn’t achieve what we thought it could.