Key categories: Run game jumps five slots

Let’s run through where the Titans stand in key categories through 15 games and 16 weeks.

Overall offensive and defensive rankings and rushing and passing rankings are based on yardage, and yardage isn’t the most important thing.

Points are the most important thing, and third down is quite important, too.

The final rankings from 2012 are included for comparison:

Even in a team’s 15th game, a solid showing in one category on one Sunday can make a big difference in the rankings. Tennessee got 182 rushing yards in Jacksonville and jumped from 20th to 15 in rushing offense. If they have another game like that and can make a similar jump, they’ll actually wind up in a spot worthy of all their talk of being a running team. But let’s be honest, big rushing games against the Jaguars and Texans to end the season won’t really pronounce that this is a good running team that lived up to the preseason hype.