How much will Mike Munchak give up?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Today’s the day.

Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean and ESPN’s Chris Mortensen report that the big meeting between Titans coach Mike Munchak and team president and CEO Tommy Smith will happen today.

Mort says Smith will come to Nashville, so I was wrong when I said I expected this to happen in Houston.

Wyatt said Thursday that Munchak was still in limbo, was not going to get an extension and will likely need to make staff changes to survive. I consider such changes here.

If Munchak has to make, and agrees to make, staff changes, an already weak coach will lose additional power.

That’s because a year ago, he shuffled his staff in a large way to get what he wanted. If his shuffle is now amended with changes mandated by Smith and/or general manager Ruston Webster, Munchak will have lost a significant degree of control.

How badly does he want to remain the Titans’ coach? Would he endorse a staff shakeup that includes parting with his best friend, offensive line coach Bruce Matthews? Would he fire another close ally, linebackers coach Chet Parlavecchio?

What would Smith and Webster endorse in terms of contracts for replacements?

Munchak has only one year remaining on his deal. One-year contracts aren't attractive to the best assistants. Would the Titans offer two-year deals? They wouldn't bring monster stability -- guys could outlast their boss or not be working for their pay that second year. But if Munchak can offer two-year contracts, those could make Munchak more competitive in the assistant coaching market.

Here’s to hoping it’s resolved Friday.