Candidate profiling: Dan Quinn

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- We start to examine candidates to replace Mike Munchak as head coach of The Tennessee Titans.

Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator, Seattle Seahawks

Age: 43

College: Defensive lineman, Salisbury State, 1990-93

Pro: No playing experience

College coaching résumé: William & Mary, 1994; Virginia Military Institute, 1995; Hofstra, 1997-2000; Florida, 2010-11;

NFL coaching résumé: San Francisco, defensive quality control coach, 2001, San Francisco defensive line, 2003-04; Miami defensive line, 2005-06; New York Jets defensive line, 2007-08; Seattle assistant head coach/defensive line, 2009-10; Seattle defensive coordinator, 2013.

Titans' connection: Overlapped with Ruston Webster in 2009, when Webster was Seattle’s vice president of player personnel.

Influences: Has worked for head coaches Steve Mariucci, Dennis Erickson, Nick Saban, Eric Mangini, Jim Mora, Will Muschamp and Pete Carroll.

See him talk: Here’s a news conference from before the Seahawk’s final regular season game.

Also a candidate for: Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns

Carroll says: “Dan is a terrific football coach, he’s got tremendous background in the game, he’s got great character about the game, he’s a great communicator, he’s tough, he knows what he wants. Look how well he transitioned to take this thing over so quickly and like I said, ‘Seamlessly.’ Getting along with people, working with people, and also managing the talent, all of that. He’s really well-equipped...

"[The playoffs are] first and foremost and all of our guys understand, but also I’ll help our guys any way that I can to fulfill the dreams that they have for themselves and proudly go about that. So we’ll deal with this normally also.”

Terry Bount, ESPN Seahawks reporter: “The players loved Gus Bradley, so they were a little skeptical when Quinn came back to take over the defense. They liked Dan and knew him, but he isn't the big talker/big personality guy that Bradley is.

“However, Earl Thomas said they've have grown to love Dan because he allows them to do that they do best. The Seahawks play even more man coverage now than they did under Bradley. Thomas says Dan listens to them and trusts them, which they love. Quinn allows the players to use their talent without over-scheming on things.

“He has made the defense better than we they arrived, and they didn't miss a beat without Browner and Thurmond.

“Dan's a very cordial guy and will answer any question, but he keeps his answers pretty close to the vest. There's no doubt he will be a head coach soon.

Mike Sando, ESPN.com Insider columnist: “The assumption around the league was that Seattle's defense would take a hit when coordinator Gus Bradley left to take the Jacksonville job. Instead, the defense got better. Personnel upgrades on the line and at nickel corner helped, but Quinn deserves credit as well. I suspect his background coaching the line helped complete a defense that was already coordinated extremely well on the back end thanks to Pete Carroll's expertise there.

"The question is whether a few wildly successful years as a coordinator, two at Florida and another with Seattle, is enough to go on. To this point, Quinn has only exceeded expectations that were already high to begin with.”