Jay Gruden, Mike Zimmer talk opportunities

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The day after the Cincinnati Bengals' season ended, the team’s coordinators discussed opportunities to become head coaches.

Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden confirmed he’ll talk with the Tennessee Titans as well as the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings. Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said he expects to interview with two unnamed teams by the end of this week. Adam Schefter reports those teams are Minnesota and Tennessee.

“I believe I’ve gotten better at [the interview process],” Zimmer said, per Joe Reedy of Cincinnati.com. “The first one I did was a long time ago with the Rams. I didn’t do a very good job. It’s like coaching, I guess, I think you know when you do good and when you don’t when you walk out. I was told that I did good in the other ones, so we’ll see. They may not be looking for me and whatever. They may want an offensive coach, or they may want a different style guy, who knows?”

Anyone interviewing Zimmer knows they are talking to an outspoken coach with a knack for structuring a quality defense.

Gruden said he think’s he prepared for the jump.

“I’ve been in the league now three years as a coordinator and obviously with my brother for a lot of years,” Gruden said. “If that challenge were to come about, I think I’d be ready. But I’m happy staying here too. I love the group of guys that I’m coaching.”