Will market influence Titans on Zimmer?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer interviews with the Tennessee Titans today about their vacant head coaching job.

I can't imagine the Titans will hire him before he leaves Music City. I expect methodical, deliberate general manager Ruston Webster to talk to everyone he wants to talk to before making that leap.

But that could mean Zimmer goes off the board.

Zimmer interviewed in Minnesota on Wednesday, and there is a great deal of buzz saying the Vikings really want him.

Will the Titans be influenced by that? Should they be? If Webster ends the day feeling like Zimmer is his guy, does the GM accelerate his timetable?

The thing here is to get the right guy.

If Zimmer is the right guy, then Webster might have to act faster than he might have liked to ensure he gets him. He's expected to head west to talk to San Diego coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. It would be out of character for Webster to cancel that, having made a decision to hire Zimmer.

Webster can't be surprised, however, if he gets word on his way to the aiport that the Vikings have hired Zimmer.

One thing the Titans have going for them: Theirs is a better job in a more attractive place to live, where Zimmer won't be coaching a team about to enter two seasons of stadium limbo.