Poll: Recycle, start fresh or look to college?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Mike Munchak wasn’t expecting to get another head coaching job after the Tennessee Titans fired him.

But after interviewing with the Detroit Lions last week he’s interviewing with the Cleveland Browns on Monday.

I think it’s unlikely he gets either job, but it’s impressive he got the interviews.

It seems to me something Houston Texans owner Bob McNair said may be at play here. McNair’s research showed that only about 40 percent of coordinators without head coaching experience pan out as NFL head coaches.

That’s what lends to the candidacy of Ken Whisenhunt, who took the anemic Arizona Cardinals to a Super Bowl during his time as their head coach. And it’s helping guys like Jim Caldwell, who was interviewed by the Titans, and Munchak.

There is no formula that works, here obviously. You need thorough interviews, a smart gut and a sprinkle of good fortune in hiring the right coach.

What direction would you go? A fresh coordinator with upside but no head coaching experience? A guy who may not have had long-term success but knows what being a head coach is about? Or a guy from college?

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