On the status of Gregg Williams

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Gregg Williams gave the Tennessee Titans' defense a boost in 2013.

Mike Munchak brought Williams out of exile, gave him a one-year deal as a senior assistant/defense and got an upgrade to his staff.

Williams' influence was easy to see early, when the Titans blitzed a bunch and showed a variety of shifting fronts.

But they seemed to back off of those things as the season fell apart, falling into a more conservative approach that has been favored by defensive coordinator Jerry Gray.

Both Williams and Gray are no longer under contract with the Titans.

Williams is a fan favorite to a level that’s incomprehensible to me. On The Midday 180 in Nashville, we took a ton of calls since the season ended about whether Williams would return as the team’s coordinator. Once Munchak was fired, some of those people even called for Williams as head coach.

He was good, but he wasn’t fantastic. At this stage, he’s a guy the franchise can survive without.

He’s become a Lorenzo Neal. Neal was a likeable, productive fullback. But since the day he left the Titans, many fans have blamed everything that’s failed with the run game on the absence of Neal, who wasn’t a giant variable or factor when he was in Tennessee.

The same now goes for Williams.

I think the Titans would be wise to cut all ties with the Jeff Fisher regime now that Ken Whisenhunt has replaced Munchak.

Whisenhunt seems likely to go with a 3-4 front, and for the bulk of Williams' career he’s been a 4-3 guy.

There are plenty of quality defensive coordinator candidates Whisenhunt will be able to consider not that he's in place, whether Titans fans are busy building a statue to Williams or not.