Biased Bill Curry loves what Whiz brings

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Bill Curry can't offer an unbiased opinion of Ken Whisenhunt.

Curry likes the guy who played tight end -- and even emergency quarterback -- for him at Georgia Tech too much.

He told a lot of good stories about Whisenhunt during a visit with The Midday 180 Friday.

"When a new coach comes into [a team in] the National Football League, I've spent so much of my life in that locker room, as a player we'll want to know two things," Curry said. "Will this guy make me better? And can he get us to the Big Show? If he can do those two things, we're going to cooperate with him.

"And Whisenhunt can, and the guys know it and I think you'll see a wonderful response to him by the guys that count most, and that's the players on an NFL team."

Curry gives a great interview, which you can hear in its entirety, right here.