Verner Pro Bowl matchups may be previews

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans' lone Pro Bowler, cornerback Alterraun Verner, is really enjoying himself in Hawaii.

Just check his Twitter timeline.

He was drafted onto Jerry Rice’s team, which will play Deion Sanders’ team in the first version of the all-star game that’s not AFC versus NFC.

Which team he’s on doesn’t mean much. But I thought I’d look at who he’ll be covering in the game.

How about that for some awareness of the 2014 opponents' schedule?

Titans fans will find that a tad encouraging, since Verner is heading toward unrestricted free agency. He found himself in a great situation in 2013 and he’s a smart, hard worker.

The Titans would be better with him than without him going forward. We don't know how Ken Whisenhunt, defensive coordinator Ray Horton and secondary coach Louie Cioffi will regard Verner. His lack of great speed could put a ceiling on the price the Titans are willing to pay for him.

I suspect another team won’t factor that in as much and he’ll wind up changing uniforms.