Michael on being OC who won't call plays

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Jason Michael won’t be calling the plays, but that does mean the new Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator will be doing a lot of sitting around.

Michael will be very much the right hand man of head coach Ken Whisenhunt, who will call the plays.

While Whisenhunt coordinated San Diego’s offense last season, Michael was tight ends coach for the Chargers.

They will have a similar relationship in Nashville, with both promoted a slot.

“My role is to facilitate the organization of what we are doing offensively,” Michael said on The Wake Up Zone on Nashville radio Tuesday morning. “So that we’re on the same page as a staff, that we know that communication is seamless when we go from Tuesday to Wednesday.

“When coach Whisenhunt has to step in and out of the room because of other responsibilities he has, that I keep that communication seamless, that he knows when he steps back in, he can hop right back in on it. Going into the game plan, going into Sunday and being on the same page as a group, not just he and I, but as an offensive staff.”

We have the whole interview with Michael.

And you can listen to The Midday 180 talk with Whisenhunt today at 1:30 ET, 12:30 CT.