Small window into Titans' current calendar

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -– It’s a largely private time for NFL teams, especially those with new staffs in place.

Things are being pieced together, sorted out, analyzed and evaluated. And the media isn’t a daily presence. In some situations there is no information to be had. In better ones like the Titans’ we get glimpses.

Talking with The Wake Up Zone in Nashville on Wednesday, Tennessee’s new tight ends coach, Mike Mularkey, shared a bit about how days at team headquarters are unfolding at this point.

“We’ve got a calendar built here, we’re trying to stay on schedule with it,” Mularkey said. “We’re talking run game right now. We meet in the morning as an offensive staff. And then the afternoon is really delegated to studying NFL free agents. I’m looking at the tight ends, obviously.

“Each coach is responsible to come back in here next week and talk about all of the free agents that are available. And then we’re going to dig into the draft starting next week with the combine coming. But the morning’s totally playbook. You’ve got a brand new staff in there, everybody’s not worked together. So it’s really been a good time to get a feel for everybody, their thoughts on offensive football.”

When is the playbook scheduled to be finished? Do coaches hold off on any elements of it waiting to see who they are working with, or complete it anticipating what they’ll have and adjust down the road based on what they wind up with and any limitations?

Those are questions I’ll try to ask as I talk with more of the staff and with coach Ken Whisenhunt in the coming weeks.