A look at the Titans' salary-cap situation

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –- The Tennessee Titans are not cap-strapped.

But they aren’t necessarily free and clear either.

Starting March 11, when the 2014 NFL calendar year official starts, the NFL salary cap is projected to be $126 million. The Titans actually have $6.953 in carryover cap room, so their cap number should be roughly $132.953 million.

When the league year starts, a team’s most expensive 51 players have to cost less than that in total cap charges.

Currently, Tennessee’s top 51 count roughly $126,947 million.

That’s a long route to the number you really want to know:

Right now the Titans stand to have $6.007 million in cap room.

They could make moves that increase that number, of course.

Here’s a look at five guys who could provide significant savings if the Titans made a move with them.

Also keep in mind that as the Titans add a free agent, his entire 2014 cap number doesn't get added to their total.

It will be his number minus the number of the guy he's bumping out of the team's most expensive 51 players. Typically that will be a second-year minimum of $570,000 or a first-year minimum of $495,000.

Kevin Seifert has a chart that gives a sense of how the whole league looks in carry-over dollars and current expenditures.