Where they stand in key categories

We begin our weekly look at where the Tennessee Titans stand in key categories.

There isn’t too much we can read into these after only one game, though it still gives us a nice splash of context and allows us to compare what they did to what the rest of the league did.

Overall offensive and defensive rankings and rushing and passing rankings are based on yardage, and yardage isn’t the most important thing.

Points are the most important thing, and third down is quite important too.

We will include last season's final rankings, at least for now.

Points allowed was last year's biggest issue and obviously the Titans' start was quite encouraging in that department.

All the defensive rankings are great. The other side of them: The Steelers rank 31st in offense, 31st in rushing offense, 27th in passing offense, tied for 26th on third down and 30th in points.