Griffin expects to play closer to the ball

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- On a day the Tennessee Titans have a lunch and a dinner for season ticket holders, we searched for nuggets from anyone that revealed anything about what Tennessee will look like under Ken Whisenhunt and a new coaching staff.

There simply isn’t a lot to be gleaned right now.

So I’ll take the one small thing that stood out and try to interpret it:

Free safety Michael Griffin said when he stopped into say hello to the new coaches, they mentioned they expect him to play closer to the ball, not 20-yards off as a centerfielder.

We don’t know if Bernard Pollard, soon to be a free agent, will return to play alongside Griffin.

If the free safety will play closer to the ball, will the strong safety back up a bit? Or do the Titans simply not want one player so concerned at the snap with deep stuff?

In an ideal situation you’d have two safeties who could come forward to defend the run and turn and run to cover equally well. There were times during Jeff Fisher’s regime when the team backed away from the idea of free and strong safeties, calling the two starters just safeties.

It’s hard, however, to find one guy who’s good at both, better yet two.

It’s a bit easier to find one of each.

Griffin plays his best when he’s clearly a free safety, and has more of a run-thumper beside him.

A few more things of note from a chat with Griffin:

  • He said he stopped by to meet the new coaches because it’s the adult thing to do when you have new bosses.

  • He had foot and knee procedures after the season ended. He was put under for the foot procedures that dealt with plantar fasciitis and had an injection into the knee. He has just started to run again.

  • He understood the issues that Pollard and Delanie Walker had with the Titans' locker room. The pair came from winning teams and understand differences from one locker room to the next, but Griffin doesn't know anything other than the way things have been in the Titans' room.

  • We also chatted some about reporters/analysts saying things to players' faces versus behind their backs.

Some of this is from an interview on The Midday 180, some from a side conversation. You can listen to the radio part here.